1. FIND A CHOMSKY ARTICLE: Browse Noam Chomsky’s web site and find an article or a video on a subject that interests you. Choose a topic with strong political implications (as most of them will be), and choose something that is current, topical and ongoing.
  1. EXPLORE MAJOR MEDIA COVERAGE: Go to web sites hosted by major online media outlets (such as Al Jazeera, Fox, NBS, BBC, CBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, etc.) and search your topic. Choose at least four different articles to analyze. Save the links.
  2. EXPLORE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA COVERAGE: Research your topic on other alternative and independent media sites such as human rights watch ( (Find at least one article.)
  3. EXPLORE INTERNATIONAL COVERAGE: Research international media from both sides of the issue or conflict.

Before you start writing, your teacher will give you feedback on the sources you have chosen to make sure you are on the right path.

Write a one paragraph description of why you chose the topic. You may wish to summarize the Chomsky article and state why the article caught your interest.
Next, post links to the articles and videos you have chosen to use in your research. Your teacher will let you know whether or not you have chosen credible sources.
Finally, post any questions you have about this assignment. This is your chance to clarify the instructions. Read the assignment description on the next page for the complete assignment instructions.

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