At Platinum Essay Help, we ensure that we keep to the terms and conditions we have set down. We promise that you will get your money back if there are any problems, and that alterations will be made if you are not fully happy with the article, plagiarism is never going to be an issue and all your details are going to be kept private. Our terms and conditions cover all aspects of our business and you can be sure that we will not let you down. We advise everyone to know their rights and read our terms and conditions before placing an order. Once you have done so you will be fully reassured.

Money Back Guarantee

You can ask to be refunded at any time during the process if you feel that something has gone wrong. We want to make sure that your interests are covered. As we have such a high level of customer satisfaction, we have no problem making this offer. Once accepted, it will take between 4 and 6 business days to get your money back to you.

Make sure you read our Money Back Guarantee

Revision Policy

At Platinum Essay Help we make sure that you are fully happy with the academic paper you have ordered. We will always make alterations if you are not fully happy with what you have received.

Make sure you read our revision Policy

Privacy Policy

At Platinum Essay Help we are very careful when it comes to personal information you give us. It can’t be found on our website. We will keep all your details private and nothing will be leaked, or sold to other parties.

Make sure you read our Privacy Policy.

Plagiarism-Free Guarantee

At Platinum Essay Help we make sure each paper is free of plagiarism before it is returned to the student who ordered it. The software we use has been specially designed to detect plagiarism and each paper benefits from its use. This software is upgraded on a regular basis therefore ensuring correct results at all times.

Make sure you read about our Plagiarism Guarantee.

Terms and Conditions

When you have paid for the item from us, you are agreeing that this has been written for you and you alone. It cannot be used for commercial use. The company owns the rights to the papers as this has been agreed by the freelance writers who produce them. You need to make yourself familiar with the terms and conditions.

Make sure you read our terms and Conditions.

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