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Welcome to Platinum Essay Help. We try to improve our service week on week and we can provide writing services for students at any stages of their academic career. We go through high school, college, then University and finally follow onto the Masters and PH.D.

What You Need To Be A Writer.

Letters arrive for us from around the world, making requests to become custom written article writers. Many days we receive hundreds of requests but we are only able to accept the ones who can prove they will meet the qualifications we require. There are tests they have to pass and the first is to prove that they have perfect English and can write it as well. Next they have to prove that that they understand and are proficient in the usual writing formats, Harvard, Turabian, Chicago, APA and MLA. There is also speed to consider and they have to show us that they can not only write a perfect article, but can write it in the time scale requested. This way we can check on how capable they are when it comes to research and also how quickly they can put together a well written article. Speed is important as there are times when they will have been given an emergency order. Sometimes there will only be a few hours to allow the writer to complete the article. Finally we check the amount of knowledge they have. They need to be well educated in a number of subjects.

How We Assess Writers Progress and Abilities – Ongoing.

Quality control plays a large part in our success and it is something we are firm about. As a result we regularly assess our writers to make sure that they are keeping to the standards we expect. This is carried out in a specific way. We will take pages from articles they have recently finished, and check that they are keeping to the rules. On top of that they are checked each month to make sure that they have not let their knowledge of English slip since they were employed. Finally, customers are requested to give their article writer a grade and leave remarks about how they felt about the experience.

Do We Notice Our Writers Achievements?

  • Our writers are quality controlled and we monitor their performances. We do this by taking note of several different areas.
  • Over a period of two weeks, 3 papers are chosen and they are assessed by a professional editor.
  • Customers’ scores are recorded and averaged out.
  • Account is taken of timescale as well as any revisions that may have been asked forFinally we consider the writers preference of subjects.

The advantage with this system is that it is quick and effective. If a writer is beginning to struggle, we will pick it up right away and find a way to solve the problem. Writer’s levels will change and as a result the amount we charge for their work does as well. This is why you may pay one price for a specific writer to write an article, and then find that a couple of months later the price has changed. Once a writer reaches advanced writer level, there is a higher fee. This will work the other way as well, fees will drop if a writer does not hit the level of expertise they have reached in the past. Whatever the rating that week, it will be safe to ask for the writer that you are used to working with.

Where Do Our Writers Come From?

As there are no limits to where you can live and be a freelance online writer, our writers can be based anywhere in the world. The important thing is how they write, not where they were born or where they now live. We do tend to employ most of our writers from the Great Britain, Canada and the United States. The important thing is that they have good English writing skills and are prepared to research the articles they are given. We insist that they understand that they are writing for educational purposes and are aware of the way academic articles have to be presented. It could be a high school paper, graduate or Masters, the level of writing and research has to match the level of the assignment. We do have some writers for whom English is not their first language, but if they reach the level required we will employ them. When ordering you can ask for a native English speaker.

Assigning Orders.

We have a number of ways of deciding who should be your writer. The subjects that they are an expert in is one of the most important factors but also the level of experience they have reached and how well they understand writing to the academic level required. We also ensure that a writer does not get too busy as if they are assigned too many articles they may struggle to do them all to the standard required.

Can I Know How Good My Writer Is At The Beginning?

If you want to select your own writer, that is possible and for just $5 you will be able to see an example of their work. Free inquiries can be made and writers can bid for the work and show you what they can do before you decide. Once you know what they can do, you can make your selection.

We aim to make your academic experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

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