How is the political bias of the media outlet revealed in its presentation?

In the introduction, provide a brief history of the issue you are investigating, and state the purpose of your inquiry.
Write a brief summary of each of the articles, videos or audio clips you chose starting with the article from Chomsky’s site. Keep each summary to 150 words maximum.
Discuss how each media outlet angles the story in its own distinctive way. Consider intended audience and purpose. How is the political bias of the media outlet revealed in its presentation?
Look at aspects such as the language reporters use, the use and nature of visuals (pictures), the length of the article released for publication, the choice of interviewees, the location of the item on the web site, and any other aspects of the coverage that illustrate how that network “angles” the story in a particular way.
Compare and contrast.
In the last section of your paper, discuss McLuhan’s ideas of globalization and retribalization. In light of your media inquiry, how do you (or do you not) see McLuhan’s ideas applying?

Length: 4-6 pages, double-spaced (it can be longer if you choose to include images, etc.) Include links to the stories/clips/articles in your essay.

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