What does Hamlet says about himself and his dilemma?

  1. Painters and print-makers have tried to capture scenes from Hamlet on canvas and paper for the last two centuries. Examine three or more paintings or prints that are based on the play, and decide how successfully the artists portray the events, ideas, and characterization contained within the scenes. Students who choose to answer this question should consider composition, color, contrast, symbolism, and other techniques that the artists use in their depictions. If a print is in black and white, what is the effect of this rendering?  Remember to include the images you are discussing in your answers. Some background in fine arts will be helpful to you in answering this question.  You will find suitable images at this link:
  1. Compare two film versions of act 4 in Hamlet by examining the Mel Gibson and Kenneth Branagh. Decide which production is more successful by discussing such topics casting, editing [which scenes are edited in or out] and time setting as well as other concepts that you feel are worth analyzing. Use the interactive Venn diagram below if you need support planning your response:
  1. Pick out Hamlet’s soliloquies throughout the play. Is there a pattern in what Hamlet says about himself and his dilemma? Support your interpretation using the text.

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