Why did Mozart choose to use his piano concertos to promote himself in Vienna?

Here are the writing guidelines. Please try to follow them.

Middle Ages: (2 paragraphs for each question)
*Medieval composers and artists left their works unsigned. Why was the common practice? When did it change?
*What is the connection of the Mass to morality plays like Play of Virtues?
*Define “melisma” as it relates to plainsong. How does its use enhance the meaning of the text?

Baroque: (2-3 paragraphs)
*Choose the Baroque composer that you would most like to be. Please state why you would choose to be this musician.

Renaissance: (Choose one song listed below & write 2-3 paragraphs)
*Choose the piece that you either like the most or dislike the most in the Renaissance, and support your thoughts.
“Sing Joyfully” by William Byrd or “The Crickett” by Josquin des Prez

Classical: (3-4 sentences for each question)
*Many Japanese koto pieces have titles that connect the works to nature, such as the example here: Cherry Blossom. What instrument in the Western musical tradition would you choose to depict a cherry blossom? Why?
*What kind of behavior is expected of today’s concert audiences? How is this expected behavior different from the audience behavior of Haydn’s time?
*Why did Mozart choose to use his piano concertos to promote himself in Vienna?

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