How to submit your Self-Evaluation:

I would like following pattern to be used during the discussion.

For your first post, please use the following topic (it makes it much easier to grade)

“First Name Last Name – Title of Video”

so for example, for this first discussion I would open a topic for me using this format:

Lisa Verissimo – The Persuaders

(Notice that I am the owner of this topic.)

Later, when you post your peer input “three stars and a wish”…you will open someone else’s discussion and post a reply.

Please do not change the topic, just post a reply.

After you have received peer input (one per person please! so everyone has a chance to receive peer input), then you may proceed with your final post.

For your third post, you open your original topic (at this point there are now two posts to your topic (your original post and another post from a fellow student), you reply to your own topic and post your third post.

By the end of the week each topic will have three posts:

Your original post (your original reflection)
Peer input (“two stars and a wish” from a classmate)
Your final post (your final thoughts, not just a repost of your reflection, but a post that demonstrates what you have learned during the discussion week.

So to reiterate, please do not provide peer input to someone who has already received input. If only some of the class receive peer input, that means lots of students never receive feedback and that defeats the purpose of these discussions.

Lastly, and this is super, super, super important, please use the topic structure as instructed. Being creative in this particular instance, makes grading very difficult. So your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

View Frontline’s “The Persuaders” (90 minutes)

Americans are swimming in a sea of messages.

Each year, legions of ad people, copywriters, market researchers, pollsters, consultants, and even linguists—most of whom work for one of six giant companies—spend billions of dollars and millions of man-hours trying to determine how to persuade consumers what to buy, whom to trust, and what to think. Increasingly, these techniques are migrating to the high-stakes arena of politics, shaping policy and influencing how Americans choose their leaders.

In “The Persuaders,” FRONTLINE explores how the cultures of marketing and advertising have come to influence not only what Americans buy, but also how they view themselves and the world around them.

Link to the Video: “The Persuaders” , 90 minutes

Note: be sure to click through all the chapters (there are six chapters)

(you can also find this link and many other interesting links in your Resources section)

Post your initial reflection on the video “The Persuaders”

For our graded discussions I will be looking for interesting & engaging comments (who wants to read boring discussions!)

I read this great essay many, many years back that observed the secret to a meaningful & vitalizing life is to remain interested not interesting….(“everyone wants to be interesting, but the vitalizing thing is to be interested and reach out”…”Self renewal and the meaning of life” by John Gardner former professor Stanford School of Education and former Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare under President Lyndon Johnson….)

So my two cents…after 30 years in the “business” I still find economics interesting, engaging and find the discipline pushes me to think harder and make more meaningful connections that help me problem solve…there are no “easy” answers, there are no “right” answers…economics is learning a way of thinking and problem solving….

I invite you all to try it out…I think you’ll find the process useful….

So for this first post, your initial reflection…I think around 400 words will get the job done…need you guys to express yourselves in complete thoughts and not just itty bitty sound bites…we want to share in your thinking…that takes time/effort & words!…Nerd

I don’t however, want to post a bunch of “teacher” prompts & “discussion” questions (as if my reflections have any more value than any of you guys)…I want you guys to feel the freedom of viewing something and expressing your reflections free of another’s viewpoint…

then let’s move on to the discussion with your peers…from there, your group will guide you in your final analysis of the issue…

like I said, this is complicated stuff, but we are all citizens in this global economy, so whether we like it or not, we are all feeling the impact of these events…

Post your peer input “Two Stars and a Wish”

Post your final thoughts

So for your third post, I’d like you to summarize what you have learned during the discussion (incorporate your initial reflection, peer input and other observations from the discussion)…I think around 400 words will get the job done…

This is your time to really demonstrate what you have learned and communicate this effectively with your peers.

I invite you all to view your peers final posts, we have so much to learn from each other.

So for your second post I’d like you to use “Two Stars and a Wish”…I think around 200 words will get the job done…

Two Stars and a Wish is a great way to provide thoughtful and constructive feedback to a peer.

First, start off with two observations about their post that you found particularly interesting. Be specific and explain your thinking (i.e. “great job” isn’t helpful to the person trying to understand what they did right.)

Second, give your classmate one suggestion for further analysis or improvement. The suggestion must be related to economics (i.e. we are not commenting on their writing skills, we’ll leave that to the English department). Again, be specific and clearly explain your thinking.

Super important! Only one peer input per person!

That way everyone has an opportunity to receive peer input and everyone has an opportunity to provide peer input.

An Introduction to Economics and How Markets Work (Weeks 1 – 4)
Rubric for the Graded Discussion

Below is the rubric for our first discussion, “The Persuaders”.

In addition, after the discussion closes, I would like everyone to provide me with a self-evaluation on how you think you did on the assignment.

Self-Evaluations will be due by the end of the week (Sunday evening). The sooner you send me your self-evaluation, the sooner you’ll see your grade.

How to submit your Self-Evaluation”:

Send me a Private Message with your evaluation (please don’t send attachments, just a summary of your evaluation as outlined below).

Please title your Private Message “1st Discussion Self-Evaluation”.

Important Request! Please do not be creative with the title of your Private Message, it makes tracking much more difficult. I really appreciate your cooperation with this request!

Score each item out of 8 points (for a total of 40) points.

Identify how many points you are awarding yourself per item. If you feel inspired, give me evidence as to why you feel your efforts deserve the score:

1. Frequency – full credit = 8pts (I expect three posts on three different days as outlined in the modules)

2. Initial Reflection – full credit = 8pts

3. Peer Feedback (“Two Stars and a Wish” – full credit = 8 pts

4. Final Analysis – full credit = 8 pts

5. Clarity & Mechanics & Word Count – full credit – 8pts

Total Points for the Activity – 40 pts

don’t forget to add up your points for me! Thanks! smile





0 pts


4 pts


6 pts


8 pts

1. Frequency

(8 pts)

Does not participate

Participates multiple times within the same day

Participates 3 times throughout the week, but some of the posts are after the due date outlined in the Modules

Participates throughout the week with all 3 posts submitted by the due date outlined in the Modules

2. Initial Reflection

(8 pts)

No post

Posts adequate reflection with superficial thought and preparation; doesn’t address all aspects of the task (e.g. does not make connections between concepts learned and context from the video)

Posts well developed reflection that addresses all aspects of the task; lacks full development of concepts

Posts well developed reflection that demonstrates concept knowledge and application of concepts within the context of the video

3. Peer Feedback

(8 pts)

No Post


double posts to a student who has already received input

Posts shallow feedback; participation does not enrich the group’s discussion

Provides meaningful feedback (two stars and a wish); however, feedback lacks specific examples

Provides meaningful feedback (two stars and a wish) with specific (concrete) examples to support comments

4. Final Analysis

(8 pts)

No Post

Posts superficial analysis, does not demonstrate cognitive growth (“refinement in thinking) from initial reflection

Posts meaningful analysis, but does not demonstrate a refinement in thinking from initial reflection

Post meaningful analysis that demonstrates a refinement in thinking from initial reflection

5. Clarity & Mechanics & Word Count

(8 pts)

Posts long and unorganized or inappropriate content that may contain multiple errors

does not provide a word count

(if you do not provide a word count for all your posts you may not receive any points for this category)

Communicates in friendly, courteous and helpful manner with some errors in clarity or mechanics

accurate word count for all posts are noted, but not necessarily at the top of the post (making it more difficult to find)

Contributes valuable information to the discussion with minor clarity or mechanics errors

accurate word count for all posts is required

displays word count at the top of the post for ease of use

Contributes to the discussion with clear concise comments formatted in an easy to read style that is generally free of grammatical or spelling errors

accurate word count for all posts and displays count at the top of the post for ease of use

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