What business form might make sense, given her expansion plans, and why?

  • Read critically and analyze the case below, When Faced With Growth;
  • Review the project description and review the final project grading rubric that you will find in the Syllabus and under Week 8 in  the Course Content area of our classroom as well as in the Student Toolbox;
  • In your paper, answer the following questions:


  • What steps should Jayne take to organize and prioritize her business growth strategy?
  • What business form might make sense, given her expansion plans, and why?
  • Focusing primarily on Jayne’s short-term goals, what kind of financial assistance might be available to Jayne? Which options would you recommend, and why?  How might Jayne’s staffing needs change? What kind of organizational structure do you think Jayne’s expanded business should have?
  • What is the best way for her to organize, orient, and train her restaurant staff (e.g., functional categories, units, teams, flat or vertical hierarchy) to meet the needs of her new business?
  • How should Jayne deal with her current customers in regard to the change? What kind of promotion should she consider in attracting customers to her new location?
  • What are the ethical issues and potential social responsibilities highlighted by this change? (Consider customers, employees, the current and new communities, and other stakeholders.) How might these issues be dealt with most appropriately?


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