What are the essential functions of political parties in modern democratic societies?

uestion 3. 3. Supporters of the Union side in the Civil War generally supported what political party? (Points : 1)

Democratic Party

Republican Party

Whig Party

None of the above

Question 4. 4. What are the essential functions of political parties in modern democratic societies? (Points : 1)

They seek to win elections.

They organize the government.

They implement policy objectives.

All of the above.

Question 5. 5. The percentage of Americans who identify as independents has: (Points : 1)

risen substantially since the 1980s.

fallen substantially since the 1980s.

not changed significantly since the 1980s.

rose in the 1960s but began to fall in the 1990s.

Question 6. 6. Which Supreme Court decision stated that affirmative action intended to promote greater equality was acceptable public policy, but the use of quotas was not. (Points : 1)

Plessy v. Ferguson

Brown v. Board of Education

Regents of the University of California v. Bakke

Ricci v. DeStefano

Question 7. 7. A private organization cannot deny service to any type of minority group if: (Points : 1)

the organization is receiving public money or running establishments that serve the public.

the organization is privately funded and not receiving public money.

the organization is not serving the public.

the organization is not receiving federal money for research, student aid, or loan guarantees.

Question 8. 8. How are interest groups are different from political parties? (Points : 1)

Interest groups are single-issue while political parties are multi-issue.

Interest groups are more likely to be a homogeneous group while political parties are more likely to be a heterogeneous group.

None of the above.

A and B.

Question 9. 9. In the United States, before U.S. citizens are allowed to vote in an election, they must:  (Points : 1)

present a driver’s license.

present proof of home/property ownership or rental.

complete a registration form.

complete a form that provides proof of employment.

Question 10. 10. The concept, “party-in-the-organization” describes a political party that consists of: (Points : 1)

the majority party in Congress, whose members get to organize government and work to pass the agenda on which they campaigned.

activists who seek to define issues on which the party will campaign and who will, at times, run for office.

voters who are registered for as members of a political party.

the minority party in Congress, whose members are organizing to win the next election and become the majority party.

Question 11. 11. The 1964 Civil Rights Act: (Points : 1)

ended desegregation of public schools.

eliminated the U.S. Civil Rights Commission.

ended unequal application of voter registration requirements and racial segregation in schools, at the workplace, and by facilities that served the general public.

All of the above.

Question 12. 12. What constitutional amendment guaranteed women the right to vote? (Points : 1)

Eighteenth Amendment

Nineteenth Amendment

Twentieth Amendment

Twenty-first Amendment

Question 13. 13. Public opinion generally encompasses three things: (Points : 1)

values, political ideology, and attitudes.

morality, political ideology, and attitudes.

values, political socialization, and attitudes.

values, political ideology, and intensity.

Question 14. 14. Voters in a closed primary can: (Points : 1)

vote in the Democratic primary or the Republican primary, regardless of his or her registered party affiliation.

vote only in the primary of the party that they are a member of.

vote in both primaries if they chose.

All of the above.

Question 15. 15. Personal freedoms that all Americans enjoy thanks to the Bill of Rights are called: (Points : 1)

Civil rights

Civil liberties

Civil disobedience


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