Explain in full detail in your comparison body paragraph.

ESSAY #2 TOPIC DE ENGLISH 1301 Fall 2015 Write a well developed comparison/contrast paper – topic -– compare yourself to one of your relatives per the in class directions (i.e. review the comparison sample handout and read this essay hand-out carefully). Length of paper: 750-1,000 typed words — courier new 12 point font, double-spaced. You may focus on differences and/or similarities. Per the essay 2 comparison sample handout, it is important to develop subject A and subject B equally. For this assignment, it is appropriate to utilize first person, but try to avoid beginning each sentence with “I” to make your writing stronger. Each paragraph should include specific examples to support your assertions. Students need to narrow their topics for the entire essay to two or three main points of comparison. Be sure to remember that you are developing a “single” point of comparison per each body paragraph – do not merely list several points of comparison. An example of a single point of comparison would be the following: personality, career choice, appearance, religious preference, hobbies, musical preference, educational background, educational choices, lifestyle choices, etc. – present only ONE point of comparison in each topic sentence that you Explain in full detail in your comparison body paragraph. You will be graded on the strength of your topic sentences. Proofread each topic sentence to verify you have included a transitional word or phrase, the specific point of comparison, and the two subjects being compared (for this paper, the two subjects are you and your chosen relative). Also, make an effort to incorporate transitional words or phrases throughout your essay which indicate comparison. You will also be graded on whether you demonstrate equal development of both subjects. Be sure to use MLA Style format and proofread carefully for grammar errors. Do not use outside sources or information to complete this assignment – the goal of this paper is to write a comparison paper based on your own original ideas. Plagiarism software will be used to check student papers — plagiarized papers will receive a grade of “zero”

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