Describe how the job evaluation committee reached agreement on the factors.

  • You are to present one complete set of evaluations of the job which is Controller, cook, directofinance, facilities, family

  • You must state and describe the factors used by the committee. Describe how the job evaluation committee reached agreement on the factors. Describe and present your final ordering. 

  • Each factor should be clearly defined, have multiple levels which are also 
clearly defined, and points assigned to each level. 

  • You can cluster factors around a related issue. For example, you could have a 
Knowledge-related factor that consists of Formal Education, Experience, and Certifications. This would count as three factors, and grouping can help you in your actual report. 

  1. Once you complete the construction of your instrument, use it to evaluate your assigned jobs. Each job should end up with a value.

Just read each file I just upload.


Then you use excel to put all 5 toghether


In example file there is an example how to put all toghether.Go to the page where it says POINT FACTORS BREAK DOWN

Look at point factor break down. That is 5 colum for 5 job.


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