What function f does this circuit compute?

  • As described in lecture, integrated circuits can be extremely complex systems built up from many basic logic gates. They are capable of performing a variety of operations, among them being simple mathematics such as addition and subtraction. To gain an appreciation for circuit design you will utilize the logic gates and truth tables discussed in lecture in order to ascertain the function f represented in the circuit below, where two binary sequences A=A0 A1, and B=B0 B1 are inputed into the circuit, which outputs the result of f as a 4-bit sequence C=C0 C1 C2 C3. That is f(A,B) = C.

To further verify your deduced f, provide some example numerical calculations (i.e., let A and B be decimal numbers, that are converted to binary input for the circuit. The output of the circuit is binary, but can be conver

Figure 1: What function f does this circuit compute? A note concerning wire crossings: only wire intersections that are clearly indicated with a • have signal transfer. For example, B1 directly feeds into AND1 and AND3, but even though it crosses a wire from A1 to AND1, the lack of • means there is no interference at the intersection point.

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