Describe a criminal behavior in detail.

In this assignment, you will write a 10- to 15-page paper applying what you have learned throughout this course. You will build upon the assignment completed in M4 Assignment 2. This paper is to be in the correct APA format, which includes a title page, an abstract page, and at least ten scholarly sources.

You must consider all of the following for your paper:

Describe a criminal behavior in detail (approximately 3–4 pages).
Define all relevant typologies or categories that pertain to your selected criminal behavior in detail.
Identify the statistics for the incident and rate of your selected criminal behavior in the U.S. Evaluate any issue you find with the statistics (i.e., possible issue with underreporting).
Describe the typical perpetrator of your selected criminal behavior (i.e., in terms of gender, age, race, SES, etc.).
Discuss etiology theories for this particular criminal behavior (approximately 4–6 pages).
Describe the developmental risk factors associated with your selected criminal behavior.
Describe the biological, social learning, and sociological theories related to your selected criminal behavior.
Apply at least two historical psychological theories related to your selected criminal behavior (i.e., psychoanalytical, theories of aggression, etc.).
Describe prevention, intervention, and treatment of the typical perpetrator for your selected criminal behavior (approximately 3–4 pages).
Describe current prevention, intervention, and treatment associated with your selected criminal behavior.
Discuss specific modalities (i.e., group treatment, individual treatment, social programs, etc.) and types of treatment (i.e., cognitive behavioral, empathy training, anger management, etc.).
Identify statistics related to treatment success and recidivism rates for your selected criminal behavior.
Conclude your paper with a brief overview of your main points and discuss areas for future research (approximately 1 page).
Summarize the main points discussed in your paper.
Discuss what is needed in terms of future research (i.e., more research on risk factors, etiology or more research on better treatment, etc.).
For Essays Guru ONLY. The paper attached got a bad grade as the instructor pointed out that drug abuse is not a criminal behavior. Can you use a new/different criminal behavior?


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