which explains something about who you are/what you do/how you work (in writing?).

What is/would be the soundtrack to your life (or even better, your writing life)? To clarify: you can view “soundtrack” as a specific song which you think might be related to your experiences, or perhaps illustrate your experiences. You can also think of a set or kind of songs, a kind of music, a kind of sound in general. It would be fine to consider something other than a song as the ‘background sound’ of your life. The choice is entirely yours. Think of this as choosing a sound which explains something about who you are/what you do/how you work (in writing?), and so on.
Comments from Support Team: !

I did not choose any kind to make it easier for the writer, or to give
him/her the freedom to choose. However, if I would choose, i will go
with the hip-hop songs.

It is completely up to the writer : )

Thanks for your service.
Fee: $12

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