Where does the throwaway trash end up? Explain fully.

There are indications that ocean debris is becoming a problem caused by our disposable society, especially so for the use of plastics. Watch the seven minute video on ocean debris by copying and pasting the following URL into your internet browser.


Answer the following questions on the video information. Answer in complete sentences, with proper grammar, by number in the submissions box.

1) Describe what the problems with throwaway plastics are? (2 pts)

2) Where does the throwaway trash end up? Explain fully. (2 pts)

3) Identify and describe the major plastic trash in the ocean debris? (2 pts)

4) Trace (outline) the path of American plastic trash in the oceans, identifying its possible source and final repository. Provide specifics. (3 pts)

5) Describe the effect of the trash on aquatic life? (2 pts)

6) Explain how the samples are analyzed? ( 2 pts)

7) Reflect on your life activities and indicate if you have ever contributed to this debris. Explain. (2 pts)

Complete each of the seven tasks and then in the submission box below, give your response next to the number using complete sentences, correct grammar and spelling.

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