What was the exercise brief what did you think the purpose of the exercise was?

Title: Reflective journal.
the individual student will reflect back on the activities conducted in class as follows:
*try to mention at least 2 of the following:*
Kims game
Marshmallow challenge
Belbin teams role ( linked this to your role within the groups formed for the various exercises)
Personality assessment
Strengths and weakness
Work turn on and offs
*you can say that I’m the one who gave the idea for the marshmallow challenge and I convinced the group to do it and we were the 1st group to finish with one of the highest marshmallow*

A little about me that should help you with this:
I’m a Student from Kuwait who came to study in Ireland. I was studying electrical engineering but I didn’t like it so I changed my major to study film as photography was my hobby. I like it in Ireland but I miss my home and my family.

Some points you may want to consider whilst writing your reflection (these points are guidelines only)

What was the exercise brief what did you think the purpose of the exercise was?
How did I preform in the team, was my Belbin assessment correct (what do you mean here – do you mean does the student agree with the assessment? )Am I actually a team player, am I a leader or follower, did I sit back and let others do the work
What did I learn about myself during this exercise? What do I need to change and what’s my plan to do so
How will what I learnt change my behaviour in the future. Previous experience can predict future behaviour.
Comments from Support Team: Discipline: Emploiability in Act

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