What the characteristic make Rebecca choose Sam?

Paper details:
This is a film script, you have to use script format to do it( include dialogue and the actions of the characters). Please developing more details base on the treatment I will give you.Please use more stronger words to make it more interesting!! Please fix the spelling and grammar problems in my treatment.
You can adopt the notes (you will see it from the treatment) from the treatment to help you create and improve the story.
I just want to brief introduce the characters profile:
Sam–University students in Cal State LA. He is a kindness, positive, houest person.
Rebecca–A ghost, work for the underworld leader– John.
John—The underworld leader who has a lot of money, he uses those much money to control the wizard. John is just a normal human without any magic power.
Wizard–work for John because of money and his greedy, and he uses black magic caught Rebecca, and controls her now. The magic of the wizard is not working for ordinary human.
You will understand what’s goig on when you read through the whole treatment.
Some of the following advises you can use:
Sam and Rebecca are falling in love too fast, you can make more details about how the relationship developing.
After Rebecca goes to find John, and perish together. What does Sam do for that after he wakes up?
What the rules of the world? Did other people know about the magic.
What the characteristic make Rebecca choose Sam?
I will give you a script example about the format. Please be more visualization.
I will sent you the script treatment to you! Thanks!!!

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