What is the socialization process?

1.  Consider the impact of socialization with children and the Islamic State (ISIS).  In writing on the topic you should answer the following:

A.  What is the socialization process?  B.  When does it begin and end for humans?  C.  What techniques is IS using to socialize their children?  D.  What are children raised in IS environments learning AND do you think our children would behave differently if put in such a context?

2.  Consider the impact of resocialization of adults, total institutions, and the Islamic State.  In writing on the topic you should answer the following;

A.  What is resocialization?  B.  How is IS (or Hisbah) resocializing the adults in Hizbah controlled territories (Like Raqq)?  C.  What is a total institution?  D.  In what ways is Hisbah a total institution?

3.  Finally, consider the difficulties in changing the belief system of individuals in Hizbah.  In writing on the topic you should answer the following:

A.  How do the articles and videos impact your view of IS (Hisbah)?  B.  Does it seem that we could change their views of the infidels (Western Society)?  C.  Why would it be difficult to change their views?

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