What is the router’s outside interface IP address?

. A router directs this traffic to a web…

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Your corporation hosts a web site at the public IP address A router directs this traffic to a web server at the private IP address However, the web server needs a hardware upgrade and will be down for two days. Your network administrato has asked you to configure the router so that requests to the IP address are redirected to the backup server for the web site, which has the private IP address The routers inside Ethernet interface uses IP address and its outside interface uses the IP address Answer the following questions using NAT translation: 1. What is the router’s outside interface IP address? 2. What is the router’s inside interface IP address? 3. What is the Web site’s public IP address? 4. What is the private IP address of the backup web server? and then can u please explain your steps, becuase I really want to know this? I need this done withing the next hour. its now 1020 pm my time. Thank you!

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