What is the 5-day BOD of the wastewater?

Questions 7 through 10 are related to BOD and the DO Sag Curve:

A BOD test is run using 100 mL of treated wastewater mixed with 200 mL of dilution water

(containing no BOD). The initial DO of the mix is 9.0 mg/L. After 5 days, the DO is 4.0 mg/L. After a long period of time, the DO is 2.0 mg/L, and it no longer seems to be dropping. Assume nitrification has been inhibited so that only carbonaceous BOD is measured.

(a) What is the 5-day BOD of the wastewater?

(b) Assuming no nitrification effects, estimate the ultimate carbonaceous BOD. (c) What would be the remaining BOD after five days have elapsed?

(d) Estimate the reaction rate constant k (day1).

A standard BOD test is run using seeded dilution water. In one bottle, the water sample is mixed with seeded dilution water giving a dilution of 1:30. Another bottle, the blank, contains just seeded dilution water. Both bottles begin the test with DO at the saturation value of 9.2 mg/L. After five days, the bottle containing waste has DO equal to 2.5 mg/L while that containing just seeded dilution water has DO equal to 8 mg/L. Find the five-day BOD of the waste (BOD5).

Re-do Example 5.8 on p. 215 with a temperature of 30°C.

Consider a lake with 108 m2 of surface area for which the only source of phosphorus is the

effluent from a wastewater treatment plant. The effluent flow rate is 0.4 m3/s, and its phosphorus concentration is 10 mg/L. The lake is also fed by a stream have 20 m3/s flow with no phosphorus. If the phosphorus settling rate is estimated to be 10 m/yr, estimate the average phosphorus concentration is the lake. What level of phosphorus removal at the treatment plant would be required to keep the average lake co

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