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2. Northern Ireland Case Study Often, when we discuss forgiveness, we don’t consider the question, what does it mean to be wronged? Why do we experience emotion pain when slighted? Dr. Donna Hicks’s (a moderator in this video) international work in forgiveness and reconciliation is exemplary and humbling. In her book, Dignity: Its Essential Role in Resolving Conflict, she stated, “It appears that the feeling of loss is at the heart of human vulnerability – loss of dignity, loss of connection to others, and loss of life itself. Go to her website and read the essential elements of dignity (http://drdonnahicks.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Essential-Elements-of- Dignity-Hicks.pdf). When some or all of these are compromised, anger, resentment, and violence can ensue. Keep them handy as you listen to Joe Doherty’s testimony. Now, discuss Mr. Doherty’s narrative in the context of the attributes that apply. Does this help you understand the reasoning behind Mr. Doherty’s actions? Why does Mr. Doherty feels no remorse, shame, or guilt but does feel regret? What attributes frame his reasoning? Use the video and prompts below for your third and final 4-6 page reflection paper. Pease send your finished paper to my email via attachment, Jeffrey.Lambe@esc.edu. The “Troubles” refer to a time in Northern Ireland when political, ethnic, and sectarian violence led ongoing strife. During this conflict, Unionist and Loyalist, who were mostly Protestants and loyal to the British Crown wanted to remain with the United Kingdom. On the other side, Irish Nationalists most of whom were Catholic wanted Northern Ireland to become united with the Irish Republic. The main participants in the troubles were various paramilitary groups on both sides along with British Army. More than 3,500 people were killed during this conflict. Fo

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