What are your strengths in communication in your professional life?

In the Career Center, read the Keeping a Job section, read On the Job Success. Using a single example or multiple examples from your professional life now and/or in the past, answer the following questions in a well-written paper. Be sure to provide detailed responses to these questions using specific examples and integrate your answers into a paper that flows smoothly.

How do you use critical thinking in decision making and problem solving in your professional life?
What are the three most important elements of personal and professional etiquette that you employ in your professional life?
What are your strengths in communication in your professional life? What are your weaknesses?
What strategies do you employ to stay on-task and on-time in your professional life? How do you manage your professional goals?

The paper should be well-written, formatted according to APA Requirements, and approximately two to three pages in length.

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