What are the main arguments for and against same-sex marriage

 You should have read the textbook chapters and watched the film before submitting this assignment.  You should also review the information on this website:  Then, develop a personal reflection on same-sex marriage.  Your response should be about 500 words and should include references to the reading material and the film.  In your response, please answer the following questions:1. What are the main arguments for and against same-sex marriage?  (What are the two main sides of this debate?)2.  What was the Defense of Marriage Act?  What is the current state of this Act?  (You\’ll need to do a little research to answer the second question because there have been changes since the book\’s publication and the film\’s production.)  What happened in June 2015 that had significant implications for same-sex couples in the United States?3.  How are same-sex couples treated in the other countries profiled in the film?4.  Why do some claim that same-sex marriage is a human rights issue?5.  What is your personal stance on same-sex marriage?  How do you think you developed that stance?  Were there particular people who influenced your thoughts?

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