What are challenges facing you in transition to American classrooms?

Regardless of the format, your assignment should fully answer the following questions to receive full credit and address all of the areas in the grading rubric.

What did you find interesting or surprising when you start your learning journey here?/What are the differences between the classroom here and that in your home country?

What are challenges facing you in transition to American classrooms?

Learning happens inside and outside of the classroom. What kinds of resources you found useful in this transition process?

What is your approach/attitude to adapt into the new classroom settings? Be specific.

This assignment is worth 20 points. These assignments will be graded on the following grading scale:

Assignment demonstrates substantial thought 15-20 points

Assignment demonstrates adequate thought 9-14 points

Attempted assignment but inadequate thought 1-8 points

Inappropriate response or not handed in 0 points

i am chinese student, i have three problem in american class , 1 language 2 class homework 3 talk to american people.
different with american class, 1 in china home work a lot and remember to much thing but in american we have teamwork and something by hand
and something else help me to find diffierent

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