Internship report.

I want you to write an internship report, I have done my internship in RTA (Roads and Transportation Authority) in Sharjah. I spent 5 weeks. My major is civil Engineering so I was training as a civil Engineer under transportation department. In RTA i trained in different sections and Departments( Traffic, Maintains ,Supervisions, Designs) . I want you to mention that I trained in these sections and I spent in each section a week or week and half, write in details about each section and what you have learned and trained. Like for example in Traffic section I learned about how they control signals and about signs and parking and how they avoid Traffic. In Maintains department write about bridges and roads maintains and write that I want to sites I will post the pictures that I took. And I went to site in Supervision department also. Please search about each department and write about it . Please write as you were a trainee. I know it’s a bit hard but try to make it you. Search and write you own words. Search in Shrajah RTA website tit it might help you .I will post the report Instructions please go through it read it well , and I will post some previous Internship report in Civil Engineering department but in different Departments go through it Please see the style and content of the report it will help you for sure.

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