Identify the target population associated with the chosen issue.

Prior to completing this assignment, review the guidelines for the Program Proposal assignment in Week Six of this course and review the Program Proposal Track and Topics in Developmental Psychology document. You may also review the Federal Program Inventory for ideas.

For this assignment, you will identify and describe the foundational components for your proposal based on the information requested in the “Beginning the Program Proposal Process” section of the Program Proposal assignment.

Choose an area of interest. This area of interest will include a general track and define a specific issue within the track that is of interest to you and presents a contemporary problem to be solved. See the Program Proposal Tracks and Topics in Developmental Psychology document to view the tracks (Community, Clinical/Counseling, and Education) and suggested issues within each track for the proposal. Once the track and issue have been chosen, write a one-paragraph summary of the specific track and issue to be addressed in the proposal.

Identify the target population. Regardless of the track and issue chosen, a target population must be identified for the proposal. Identify the target population associated with the chosen issue. Within the target population, choose the developmental stage that will act as the focus (sample) for the proposal. Many programs may directly and/or indirectly influence people in different stages; however, it is important to select the stage that is most applicable to the specific program being proposed. For example, in a program for adults who are caring for their elderly parents, the focus is on the adults (likely in middle adulthood) so a middle adulthood focus would be most appropriate for that program. Provide a one-paragraph rationale for the target population identified.

Identify the geographic location where the program will be deployed. Programming will be directly influenced by the location in which it will take place. For example, a child safety program in a rural farming community will likely have different objectives and needs than a child safety program in a large metropolitan city. Once the geographic location has been chosen, provide a one-paragraph rationale for that location.

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