Identify the size of the market, identifying key competitors in the industry.

Choose a product from the list and find a company that produces this product in the USA. Research this company and this product.
SLP Assignment Expectations

The paper should include major locations of the company. Identify the size of the market, identifying key competitors in the industry,. Identify key components, materials, and packaging needed to produce this product. Identify key upstream and downstream aspects of the supply chain and locations of suppliers and customers. Discuss this supply chain. Generate a diagram of the SC.

Background: Review and discuss the product, company, and industry
Diagram: Include a diagram of the Supply Chain
Industry Competitors: Identify the company’s competitors; identify competitors’ brands.
Supply Chain Discussion: Discuss key upstream (supplies/suppliers) and downstream (customers) aspects of the SC and locations of each.
Clarity and Organization: The paper should be well organized and clearly discuss the various topics and issues with appropriate depth and breadth.
Use of references and citations: At least four (4) proper references should be used in the paper, cited in the text, and listed in the references. APA is required.
Length: The paper should be three to four pages – the body of the paper excluding title page and references page.

NOTE: You will need to do independent research and find at least four appropriate references.

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