Identify any relevant issue the organization is dealing with which is having an impact on the individual and groups within the organization.


write a case analysis of a local company, analyzing significant
organizational behavior challenges that exist for the company, using topics presented
throughout the semester (see subject schedule topics for possible foci for the case analysis).
In this case study you are required to apply the knowledge that you have acquired in the
subject, specifically with respect to how you can better facilitate employee’s integration into
the organization, both from a micro and macro perspective. Thus, all cases should include
analysis of individual, group, and organizational-level challenges (any variations should be
approved by your lecturers).
While writing the case study, you should be sure you include the following components, but it
is up to your group how you choose to order your paper. As well, be sure to write a clear and
engaging introduction which not only outlines your paper structure and substance, but also
inspires your reader to read the rest of your paper! Your conclusion should also be
summative of the major issues identified in the paper body, helping your reader to identify the
key “take home messages” from your analysis. Upon conclusion of your paper writing, you
should also write a 250-300 word executive summary of the paper’s major findings and
recommendations. (See additional helpful hints posted on class website and cited towards
end of this outline). Remember, you may present the following components in any
order that best supports your argument.
Step 1 :
Briefly describe the organization/department in terms of the basic structure and functions
with a brief outline of the work-flow processes. Be sure to specifically link the structures
and processes you identify to the organizational behavior issues you will analyze. (e.g.
information provided about the company should support and be integrated into your
overarching analysis) Paper introduction should also clearly identify paper focus (e.g.
problem identification), as well as explain reason for choosing organization (e.g.
significance of problem/case). All papers should clearly frame analysis around
organizational structure, culture, and environment.
Step 2 :
Identify any relevant issue the organization/department is dealing with which is having an
impact on the individual and groups within the organization/department. These issues
can include but are not limited to perception, attitude, motivation, group dynamics, team
processes, job satisfaction and commitment, problem-solving and decision-making,
power and politics issues, leadership issues, structural or cultural issues, and dynamics
associated with organizational change.
Step 3 :
Critically analyze the organization/department (with the help of the various theoretical
frameworks that you have studied during the course and the available documented
literature) in terms of the selected theme/s explaining in detail the nature of the issue, the
individual, group or organizational factors that are facilitating or inhibiting progress on
these issues. It is expected that in order to collect this data, it may be useful to conduct
discussions with the relevant people within the organization/department to understand
clearly the nature of the issue. Copies of e-mails, records of interviews or other forms of
organizational communication are acceptable. Groups should be sure that at least nine
scholarly sources are used as a basis for analysis of the identified issues at the
individual, group, and organizational level.
Step 4 :
Offer recommendations and solutions or an action plan for your organization/department
based on your assessment, again using the frameworks studied throughout the subject,
as well as using additional

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