How can be initiated by means of effectuation and Lean startup?


I have to write a thesis and after that a business plan, the business plan is not the problem. I would like someone to write the thesis for me so I can make a business plan after that.

Note: most translation is done by google translate, so if you think this is a weird sentence, well.. google translate. I checked it a little bit but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me.

The following question has to be answered, it can still change a little bit but its pretty much what it should be.

Main question
How can with within a year a turnover be realized to be break-even through the new entrepreneurship*?
*using effectuation, lean startup, blue ocean strategy and bootstrapping

• How can be initiated by means of effectuation and Lean startup?
• How Booth Strapping and Blue ocean strategy applied to
• How much has have to make to be a healthy company?

The theory that I would like to be used is:

– Effectuation/effectual entrepreneurship/corporate effectuation
– Lean startup
– Boothstrapping
– Blue ocean strategy

I added a document where, I already started a while back but I don’t got the time to do the whole research. So please feel free to change what I have, as long as it goes by those guidelines. If you have any better idea’s let me know, I’m still free to change the subject. Ju

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