How might you apply what you have learned in a preschool education setting?

First, you will need to select 12 toys (6 for ages 2-4, and 6 for ages 4-6) to analyze and include in this Toy Assignment Worksheet.  Read the description of the product supplied by the manufacturer to help you in your selection.

  1. Locate a toy that would stimulate or encourage the child’s mastery of each skill listed.
    1. sensory gross motor skills
    2. sensory fine-motor skills
    3. sorting, classifying
    4. numbers, counting, and matching
    5. time, duration
    6. language, vocabulary, labels, letters
  2. Then assess the possible safety hazards of each toy.  Consider the use and abuse the toy will receive when used by a young child.  Be creative and don’t rely on the hazards listed by the manufacturer.
  3. Then determine if there is any gender bias or stereotyping present in the marketing/packaging/placement of this toy.  Is the way the toy is packaged or placed more appealing to one gender?  Based on your observations what conclusions can you draw?
  4. After completing the table, please write a 1-2 page reflection on your experience.  Be sure to include specific examples from the store and support your claims by referencing course materials.  What did you learn about toys?  What did you learn generally about gender bias in the toy industry and in your toy store in particular?  What do the course readings say about such gender bias?  Do you agree or disagree?  What did you gain from completing this activity?  How might you apply what you have learned in a preschool education setting?  How might you apply this at home or when babysitting?  Remember to include in-text citations and a reference list.  Also remember to submit the table when you submit your reflection!

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