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 Preopening Budget Example located on the student website a 3- to 5-year financial plan to implement the goals and objectives created in Part II of your strategic plan. The deliverables for the financial plan include a projected budget created in Microsoft Excel and a report in Microsoft Word that clarifies and explains the financial plan.Section One: Projected BudgetSection Two: Financial Plan Explanationat least four sources to support your information. your paper consistent with APA guidelines. your assignment as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word attachments.  LAST WEEKS PROFESSOR GRADING USE AS FEEDBACKThanks  for your second section for Ascension. This is an important section as your audience will need to know if they will invest in your strategy as they see your SWOT go into action. I like how you did your SWOT and gave examples for each item. I will push you a bit in terms of giving us more information which can be quantified. If you state, for example, \”The fact that Ascension Health is limiting its coverage in United States only is limiting. Furthermore, when compared to other health organizations, it appears that this organization has weak branding,\” then talk about each more here so you can create a good action plan to fix their branding or why/how they are limited with thier focus. Be specific, but overall a good job with SWOT. What actions should they take in EACH category is missing. Look at each SWO and T and come up with a defined action plan for the item and what it will take to push them forward. How can they take advantage of S and O, while limiting/reinforcing with actions, T and W? Be specific and begin to think of how you will quantify each action item. Remember to add as much proof for each item/topic as your audience will need solid support from you in the end for any recommendations you might offer. Push your thoughts forward a bit into \”what if\” your SWOT\’s resultant action plan doesn\’t turn out the way you thought, and what will you incorporate into the plan. Next week take your SWOT again and resultant action plan to build up some financial assumptions that make strategic sense based upon where this entity is currently, where they expect to go, what might change and what may not, how they will plan for demographic shifts, and what research supports these assumptions/changes from a financial vantage; lead your audience into your final presentation with some validated recommendations based upon everything you have presented so far. What will they do over a 3-5 year timeframe to support your SWOT findings, specifically? Once we do a SWOT we take the best of the best and support it, and then look at mitigating the negative by taking action based on our goals. This was a big miss for this section which you will need in a BIG way for Week 4\’s financial section. You allude to this in general in some SWOT portions, but come up with an actual 3-5 year goal list and what they will do or will avoid based on your analyses  

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