Explain how you will build high employee commitment to the change management plan.

Evaluating change implementation through monitoring to sustain changes made

Be sure to address the issues you have been studying throughout this course. Within the four sections, include the following:

Identify the stakeholders inside and outside of your organization and explain how you will include them in your change management plan.
Discuss whether your plan will rely on process-driven change or content-driven change, and why.
Explain how you will build high employee commitment to the change management plan.
Analyze how you will incorporate “fair process” and use 1) engagement; 2) explanation; and 3) expectation clarity, for a successful change implementation experience.
Analyze and give reasons for the organizational structure design (functional, divisional, matrix, or horizontal) you will utilize in your change management plan.

Your final product should be an 8–12-page paper in Word format, not including the title page, abstract, or reference page, utilizing a minimum of 6 scholarly sources. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.
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