Explain how the video relates to American politi

This discussion board assignment involves critiquing an online video related to human rights. Your initial post should be at least 1 and 3/4 pages(about 450 words). You are also required to post two replies. The replies should be at least 150 words total. The replies should say what you think of your classmates’ posts.

Discussion Board Assignment Select and watch a Ted Talk video having to do with American politics, or select and watch a PBS Frontline video related to American politics.

To find Ted Talk videos, go to https://www.ted.com/talks.

To find a PBS Frontline video, go to

Then write a critique of the video you select. In your critique:

1. Tell us the title of, and provide the web link for, the Ted Talk or Frontline video you select.
2. Briefly summarize the video.
3. Explain how the video relates to American politics.
4. Explain if, and how, the video relates to any class readings from this semester.
5. Discuss what you think are the video’s strengths and/or weaknesses.
6. Tell us whether you would recommend this video to a friend.

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