Does the program appear to follow a moral and ethical code when working with people?

You will then evaluate the elements of the program and the effectiveness of these elements for individuals and/or the community it serves. Explain human development in the context of current trends by evaluating the program through the lens of developmental psychology. Examine the application of developmental theory and research to policy and community agency as they are utilized in this program

How is the program appropriate for the targeted population, and why?

Are there any ways in which the program is not appropriate? If so, explain how the program or the population could be adjusted.

Are people able to easily find and get to the location? Is it accessible to the specific groups for whom the program is intended?

Is there a cost associated with the program? Is the cost appropriate, given the target population and expected outcomes? Why, or why not?

Which domains of development (physical, cognitive, and/or psychosocial) are emphasized by this program? How are these emphasized?

Could skills within other domains of development be incorporated into this program? Make recommendations as to how these might be included.

Is the program implementation (how often is it offered and what occurs each time) effective in promoting its purpose and achieving its goals? If so, how? If not, what suggestions would you make for improvement?

Analyze ethical considerations related developmental psychology within the program. Does the program appear to follow a moral and ethical code when working with people? If so, how? If not, what does the program need to address immediately?
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