Do the reports have an agenda?

For this reflection paper, you are to find two news stories (from newspapers, online news sources, video, etc.) that cover education-related issues in Philadelphia or the Philadelphia area. Because of the state governments severe defunding of the School District of Philadelphia, and the intense cutbacks that have been made, there LOTS AND LOTS of articles in the local press, as well as many in the national press.

Read or watch the story and consider the ways in which variables such as inequality, race, class, politics, and the economy factor into the issues discussed in the report as well as how these may affect the way in which the story is reported. Do the reports have an agenda? Do you find any similarities or differences from the schools that Kozol presented in Savage Inequalities? Is there anything in the article that can help you support or contradict Kozols assertion that schools today are racially segregated?

Consider the issues raised in the report in terms of the ways in which education was discussed in your readings as well as in our discussions; be sure to draw on the terms and concepts covered in your readings and in our discussions (e.g., credentialism, bestowal of status, tracking, bureaucratization of schools, etc.).

All Reflection Papers should be between 34 pages in length, typed, double-spaced with 12 point font and 1-inch margins. Reflection papers must make use of reference materials (course materials or outside readings), and must include in-text citations for the quotes or references made in your essay as well as a bibliography.

Don’t use advance and as second language.

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