Discuss this in terms of the core benefits, actual products, & augmented products.

 In the last decade we have seen many emerging businesses. Great examples for success stories are Apple, Google, Facebook, and many more. These are all products and businesses that have come into a market and seized their moment. They entered/ created a market, segmented it correctly and caught the customer’s attention with a superior value preposition.This year’s trade show in Las Vegas showcased many new tech products.The trend goes towards wearable and connective home technologies.Please choose one of the products below:Virtual Reality DevicesSmart home/ home appliancesYou will complete a paper on the chosen product giving the reader more insight on the product. Questions that have to be answered in your paper are:1.What is the company selling?Discuss this in terms of the core benefits, actual products, & augmented products.2.What is the market for the product?3.What segment is the product targeting?4.What segment, targeting and positioning recommendation would you make?5.Is the product a fad or here to stay? Discuss.6.What could help the company avoid a premature decline of this product?Please make sure to reference your sources and use the APA format.

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