Describe your system for classroom management and student grouping .

Your lesson plan should include the following components:

Title Page

Section 1: Lesson Information

Identify the following:
Grade level (specify what age/grade)
Estimated level of developmental stage for this age/grade
Number of students
Fundamental skill to be taught
State standard (see the list of National PE Standards and indicate which state)

Section 2: Lesson Introduction
Provide a brief description of the lesson
Create a student learning objective: (e.g. “As result of this lesson, students will be able to demonstrate _________”.)
Describe your system for classroom management and student grouping (e.g. class rules, consequences, rewards, and organization of the class during the activity)
Describe the equipment needed and the environment (e.g. classroom, gym, outdoors, etc.)

Reference page
Include at least one outside resource.

Your title page, lesson plan, and reference page should be formatted in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. The lesson plan will be three pages, in addition to the reference and title pages.

Additional Planning Resources: When researching lesson plans, the following resources are helpful. These should be used as resources only and should not be copied and pasted (Turnitin will detect any plagiarism):

Foundations of Moving and Learning
Chapter 7 – Planning Physical Education Lessons
Appendix A – Sample lesson plans
Appendix B – Sample lesson plans

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