Describe the eight domains of personality.

Answer each of the following questions:

1. Describe the eight domains of personality. Define each one and give one example. Then explain a personality disorder of your choice by describing it through each of the eight domains of personality.
2. Describe in great detail the five enduring and pervasive experienced in childhood that can lead to maladaptive personality development. Include examples and descriptions. Choose a Personality Disorder of your choice and outline hypotheses related to its’ development regarding these childhood experiences
3. Describe in great detail the processes that contribute to the continuity of early learning. Define all terms. Include illustrative examples of all processes.
4. Hypothesize at least two distinctly different pathways of how a Schizoid Personality Disorder may develop. Include reference to interactions with parents, temperament and biology, family styles of communication, and interpersonal patterns within the family. Be informed, but also be creative.
5. Give detailed theories of Paranoid Personality Disorder according to the Psychodynamic, Interpersonal and Cognitive Perspectives. What does each perspective have to say about how the disorder develops, maintains itself and is treated?
6. Explain the Schizophrenia spectrum. What disorders fall on the spectrum? Provide a detailed analysis of the differences between these disorders. How would you decide which Schizophrenia spectrum disorder to diagnose a client with? How does Schziotypal Personality Disorder fit on this spectrum?

Attached is the text, you may use it for help…A note about plagraism: all of the material in your exam MUST BE YOUR OWN WORK. You may not work together to answer questions nor may you lift material directly from the text. Any material taken directly from the text or matching another student’s work WILL RESULT IN A 0.

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