Can you put them in the military?

Project description
Write a proposal to the governor of Alabama outlining the funding, any potential problems, the advantages and disadvantages of this new system, and the option of taking juveniles out of the juvenile justice system and placing them into military service.
oUtilize the above sample questions or answer questions of your own.
Would there have to be more programs?
Would it save money for the state to have fewer employees?
Would it save money for the states that give hazardous duty retirement for juvenile probation officers?
Would it help with the state budget?
Can you put them in the military?
Would the state laws have to be addressed
How would you rationalize this concept?

Include the following:
oYou now have two courts; one for status offenders and one for juvenile delinquents.
What will be the criteria for placing a juvenile into one of these courts?
Who will handle the supervision of the status offenders?
Status offenders
oWill this go on a juvenile record?
oWho will hold the power over a status offender if he or she does not complete the required punishment?
oWill parents have any input in this?
Juvenile probation
oWhat programs will be offered?
oHow will they be funded?
oWill you have to close some facilities? Will you have employment layoffs? Why or why not?
oWill detention sentences be determinate (3 years) or be nondeterminate (35 years)?
Waiving to adult court
oWill the age to waive be lowered or made higher?
oWhat are the options for placing a juvenile in the military?

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