assignment taken by Prof Lexi

This week’s Discussion also is designed to build your skill in locating and responding to the main idea of a reading selection. Remember, the main idea is the melody around which everything else revolves. Respond to any of the following three main topics . The required reading should be completed prior to this Discussion post and should be referenced, using formatting, in the Discussion post. To begin your post, restate the main idea of what you have read. Be sure to provide for any outside sources used, using APA formatting.   Main ideas and thesis sentences are really two sides of the same coin. Writers create thesis sentences. Readers pick out the main idea from what they read, which is usually the thesis sentence of the writer. ,   To create one document, copy and paste all of the content of one of the documents into the other. Save this as a single file and submit it by .When you submit your Assignment for grading, be sure to post the APA citation including the link to your chosen article in Doc Sharing. Also include the sentence you created stating the main idea or thesis of the story.  

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