What is my product?


I need help with my Financial plan for my product(mobile table) that you helped me with last time.

What is my product?? mobile table (new invention). Its features – light weighted table that is made of aluminum. -you can place it in your back bag or laptop bag. – it has mobile charger that has USB input and outlet. My customers could be students, Businessman, Traveler, Schools and organisations.( And my product will be produce in China and will be sold to the disturbers Home Depot and Walmart etc.)

I need you to fill in the excel sheet with estimate number based on my documents about the product and your research. And then copy the excel sheet to word page and then write about one page explaining the numbers? how you come with this numbers? talk about the cost of the mobile table? in cash flow sheet answer the questions in the bottom?
(whorehouse) could go under (other) in the excel sheet. also consider the security deposit.
Note: “SCORE_Financial_Projections” is the file that you gonna use to fill in the numbers.
let me know if you have any questions
Thank you
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