The purpose of this assignment is for you to design and interview a professional manager in order to understand how class material is conceptualized, used, or neglected in a contemporary management context. You will have the opportunity to select a manager, design and conduct a 45-minute interview, and submit a reflection and summary paper.Reflection and summary papers should be a minimum of 4 pages, double-spaced. References to class materials should be cited using APA style, and an additional page of works cited should be included.Given the quick turn-around time, be sure to reach out to managers early. the manager is Joyce. female, 32. Taiwanessm. my friend.(i am not from taiwan)Manage a Tea Bar, is a drink bar, also can eat food, is a taiwaness restuarent. (you can search in google Tea Bar Salt Lake City)most popular is their drink, boba milktea. i am an international student, girl, from china, 21, full time student, no job.this class is PRT 3207 management in PRT. (park, recreation and tourism major) so write somethng about management and the major about. reasons for choosing manager: 15 pointsdescription of workplace: 15 pointsdescription of management style: 15 points (3 points, and story share)integration of reading and Leture Material: 15 points. (i think you used to help me in this course before, choose some in it. and make sure cite it.)quality and professionalism: 15 points (is citation style) minimun 4 pages, 4 page double space and 1 page reference. APA reference. don\’t write too much conversation.  need to be finish in 10 hours.  

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