Has the student
objectively analyzed the issues being presented?

[Assignment 2] FINAL PAPER 

Identify a social problem or issue of interest to the social welfare system. The paper should be organized into the following sections: History of the social problem. (25 points) How has this problem been identified and defined. To what causes was the problem attributed? What were the consequences of the problem? Who benefited from the problem? Who suffered? What were the consequences of the problem? Intervention: (25 points) Select an event (like the Seneca Falls conference, Stonewall or the Chinese Exclusion Act) or a policy (like No Child Left Behind or the Social Security Act) that was designed to have impact on the problem. What was the intervention? What was it designed to do? Was it successful? Who did it help? Who did it fail to help? Current and future implications: (25 points) Identify the current state of affairs on this issue. What has been accomplished? What still needs to be done? Who will do it? What remains to be done? Social Work response: (25 points) Identify how the social work profession has responded to this issue. What kind of response was taken – advocacy, development of services, and legislation. Some possibilities are:
English Poor Laws, Statute of Laborers, 43 Elizabeth
Colonial Poor Law or Children’s Law in America
The Freedman’s Bureau
The Progressive Era: the Children’s Bureau, Mother’s Pensions, Settlement Houses and COS as policies 
Titles of the Social Security Act (select one) of 1935 
Medicare, Medicaid
No Child Left Behind
PL 94-142
Ryan White CARE Act
Kendra’s Law, Megan’s Law

There are many other possibilities. 

Utilize and integrate readings from the course text and articles as well as new research needed to complete the assignment. 

The paper should be 10 -12 pages, double-spaced. All references should be APA format including subheadings.

Grading will be based on the following criteria: 

a. The quality of your analysis and the depth of understanding of your topic. We
will be looking for objective documentation in support of stated opinions or
conclusions. Is the quality of the analysis at the graduate school level? Has the
student displayed a sound understanding of the issues? Has the student
objectively analyzed the issues being presented? Does the student show ability to
master the complexities of the topic? Has the student displayed creativity or

b. The clarity of expression and the organization of the paper. Is there a logical
order to the presentation of your thoughts? Are there appropriate transitions
between paragraphs and sections? Are headings and subheadings used to improve
organization? Does the paper flow or read well? Does the writing display

c. The appropriate use of references and resources. Has the student accessed authoritative sources? Is the research cited current? Has the student relied on authoritative sources and effectively used a variety of references to support varying
perspectives and conclusions? Has the student used a variety of sources and has the student used a variety of sources and consulted more than one point of view? 

d. The use of proper grammar and the over-all professional presentation of the
concepts, ideas, and information presented in your paper. Are grammar, spelling
and syntax appropriate for a graduate student? Is the paper in the requested
format? Does the paper present a professional image? 

DUE: DEC 14TH, 2015

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