writing general statements about education or gender differences .

PART B is DUE ON CLASS 12 [if you meet twice a week] or (6) if you meet only once a week. [This part is worth 4 points.] This part is based on the early chapters in the course. At this point in the course, you know all you need to know to do this work (CHAPTERS 1 – 5). Be sure to use the resources in the DMLC and view the rubrics prior to doing the work. Where there is typing, it should be in times or times Roman, size 12 font. Graphs from StatCrunch have their own font specifications and you will not be able to change them. DO NOT INCLUDE GRAPHS YOU HAVE MADE IN ANY OTHER PROGRAM. THOSE WILL BE IGNORED BY YOUR INSTRUCTOR. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO WORK WITH STATCRUNCH IN THIS COURSE. After your plan has been read and approved by your instructor, (s)he will discuss this section with you. Pay attention to how (s)he talks about variables. What is important? What language does one use when discussing variables? Remember that this is the section you give to your supervisor that describes what data you are using to develop the recommendations you will offer at the end of your analysis. Use words your supervisor can understand. Tell them about the data and use tables and graphs to make your description very thorough. Make sure they know the size of the data set and what you found when you looked at each variable. Use the tutors in the DMLC as well as your instructor when you have a problem. PART B: Describing the Variables Part B: Describing the Variables: Describe each of the thirteen variables. Provide an appropriate graph of each variable. Be sure to compute the numerical values and present them—a pie chart without clear labels and numbers that go along with it is not acceptable. Please tell what the unit of measurement is for each of the quantitative variables; please make sure all the categories of a qualitative variable are shown either in a graph or are discussed in your paragraph about each variable. Make comments specific to your data; writing general statements about education or gender differences or other things that are NOT specific to your data and findings are not encouraged. Your write-up should be explicit about what the variable is measuring (or counting) and what the results are. This part of your project should be 6-10 pages in length with appropriate graphs and tables. The appendix of your final project will be made up of Parts B, C and D, in that order, so your numbering should start with Part B and go from there.

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