Why has the ethics of care approach been criticized?

1. When people are just concerned with compliance with laws or professional
standards (e.g. codes of ethics), what level of ethics is involved?
a. aspirational
b. mandatory
c. principled
d. unprincipled
2. Which one of the following statements is NOT CONSISTENT with the
philosophy of Nietzsche?
a. the theory of evolution
b. we should be assisting the development of survival of the fittest
c. we should be directed by pity
d. the weak and the failures should perish
3. When there is a discussion of “theory” as related to judgments of right and
wrong, the discussion is probably one of:
a. philosophical morality
b. professional ethics
c. common morality
d. philosophical ethics
e. none of the above
4. Which of the following is NOT listed in your text as part of the professional
structure which governs ethics for counselors?
a. the courts
b. colleges and universities
c. professional organizations that maintain and enforce a mandatory code of
d. professional regulatory bodies that are enforcers of mandatory codes
e. none of the above
5. There are different types of accreditation. Beyond a college or university’s
accreditation to offer degrees, there is accreditation for programs, typically
a. diplomate accreditation
b. professional accreditation
c. specialty accreditation
d. board approval
PSY511 – Professional Ethics and the Law
6. The oldest and most widely recognized professional counseling specialty
designation is the credential.
a. A.C.A.
c. C.R.C.C.
d. C.R.C.
e. M.F.T.
7. A voluntary means for professionals to identify themselves as trained and
qualified specialists is:
a. licensure
b. certification
c. internship
d. accreditation
e. none of the above
8. Which professional(s) can NOT legitimately, by nature of standard training
and practice, perform psychometric assessment?
a. social worker
b. counselor
c. psychologist
d. marriage and family therapist
e. none of the above
9. The ASPP and ASPS credential applies to which field of mental health
a. Marriage and Family Therapy
b. Psychology
c. Psychiatry
d. Social Work
e. Psychiatric Nursing
10. Which of the following degrees does NOT indicate legitimate doctoral level
training to be a licensed Psychologist?
a. Ph.D.
b. Ed.D.
c. Psy.D
d. none of the above
PSY511 – Professional Eth ics and the Law
11. Which of the following statements is TRUE?
a. Counselors can ethically practice any specialty in counseling, even without
appropriate specialty training, if it is within the scope of practice of their
b. Cottone and Tarvydas believe the terms “dual” and “multiple”
relationships should be abandoned.
c. Avoiding detrimental relationships with clients relates to the ethical
principle of justice more than nonmaleficence.
d. People who refuse recommended counseling services must be coerced.
12. When a judge orders an ex offender to undergo therapy as part of the ex-
offender’s rehabilitation, this is called:
a. expert order of protection
b. compulsory therapy
c. professional responsi bi I ity
d. legal privilege
13. Professional competence by definition involves:
a. the quality of provided services
b. boundaries of professional activity
c. confidentiality
d. informed consent
e. a and b
14. Having sex with a client is:
a. unethical counseling practice
b. only allowed after the client and therapist relationship has been
terminated for at least one year
c. acceptable with a written agreement and a waiver of ethical rights
d. none of the above
15. The Tarasoff decision refers to what?
a. The duty of an ethics board to suspend licensure after a clear ethics
b. The duty of a therapist to keep confidentiality even when called as a
witness in court cases.
c. The duty of a therapist to break confidentiality when someone makes a
direct threat.
d. none of the above
PSY511 – Professional Eth ies and the Law
16. A counselor’s primary responsibility is to the:
a. third party if they are the ones paying the bill
b. judge who subpoenas a case file
c. family of a competent adult client seen in individual counseling
d. client, and the client only
e. all of the above
17. The term that pertains to the legal right of clients to prevent their confidential
communications from being revealed in legal proceedings is:
a. privacy
b. confidentiality
c. privileged communication
d. informed consent
18. When assessing a client’s potential for harm, Beauchamp and Childress
recommend the counselor assess primarily which element(s)?
a. probability of harm
b. physical vs. psychological nature of harm
c. magnitude of harm
d. both a and c are correct
19. According to Welch (2003), one of the most common types of malpractice
liability in treatment services for mental health professionals is:
a. fraudulent billing
b. dual relationships
c. family treatment and forensic situations
d. group counseling
20. Which of the following conditions is NOT a required element of informed
a. capacity
b. voluntariness
c. comprehension
d. literacy
PSY511 – Professional Ethics and the Law
2l. law addresses conduct required by or prohibited by all
individuals and is enforced by governmental legal authorities.
a. Professional
b. Case
c. Civil law
d. Criminal
22. Client values determine the of counseling.
a. content
b. level of progress
c. process
d. all of the above
23. Counselor values tend to determine the of counseling.
a. process
b. content
c. level of professionalism
d. rate of progress
24. Principle ethics can be said to be based primarily upon which of the
a. western culture
b. religion
c. male-oriented worldview
d. all of the above
e. a and conly
25. Why has the ethics of care approach been criticized?
a. The focus is primarily societal with lack of concern for the individual.
b. Application is limited to the health sciences.
c. There is a lack of a coherent definition.

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