Why are there differences between countries (India and UK)?

3500 word Business Report, which provides an academic grounding and pragmatic solutions to real life business problems faced by the multinational organisation, Unilever. You will be designated one of the following 3 business problems to address within your business report:
1. Gender Balance in R&D

Please consider:
• Why the R&D population may have a lower representation of females in its management population?
• Why are there differences between countries (India and UK)?
• Make recommendations to the HR Director for Home Care R&D on what actions can be taken to move towards our ambition.

2. Change Management

Please consider the detail of the relocation of many of the employees from the Unilever Port Sunlight facility to the new Materials Innovation Factory and make proposals to the Port Sunlight Site HR Manager on how you would advise this change management project is managed.
Please also consider:
• Impacted employees
• Non-impacted employees
• Unilever stakeholders
• University stakeholders
• Government stakeholders
• Community
3. Organisation Effectiveness

Please consider the implication of the following actions and whether they will build a more agile organisation:
• Identifying minimum spans of controls at WLs
• Reducing the number of layers between the CEO and people at all levels
Then review the data provided for the representative organisation and make recommendations to the HR Director on issues that you see for this organisation and where action should be focussed.

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