what was the make-up of the tour group.

Submit a paper of a journal entry of the visit to each of the historic houses and the Panel Discussion.
• the Panel Discussion,
• the Omni Parker House Hotel
• the Nichols House
• The Colonial Society House
• The Longfellow House/Archives
• The Gibson House
• The Harrison Grey Otis House/Archives

Each paper will include, but not be limited to the following:
•overall impressions,
•what you thought worked and what didn’t work
•what was the make-up of the tour group
•were questions allowed
•how did the docent engage or not engage the participants
•what was the theme, and how was the theme received by the visitors
•discuss your overall impression and evaluation of the tour guide and the interpretive manner of the tour.
•What information shared by the panel was useful, surprising, unclear, and how do you think it can be used
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