What significance did/do these myths serve in their cultures.

Write a comparison between the account of the species extinction floods in Gilgamesh (Utanapishtim’s) and the Hebrew Bible. What significance did/do these myths serve in their cultures. In Western culture today? These accounts are strikingly similar, but also highlight how the Hebrew Bible changes the culture’s view of sacred text? What are the natures of deities presented in these myths? Do the deities establish a good toward which humans should strive or are they arbitrary and capricious in their destruction of the world? Is the Great Flood indicative of some deeper aspect of human nature? Please use MLA format to document any sources you use. Secondary sources are not required, but you will probably find some further reading and research is helpful or even necessary. The paper should be four to-four and one half typed pages. Use MLA rules for paper design and Works Cited.

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