What requirements are required to develop your algorithm?

Hello I uploaded the the instructions file and lesson that were given by the professor so, you could follow the same method the professor use. I need you to do the program, and the Design Document on Microsoft word then i will turn into pdf. Also, it’s not necessary to provide me the program file you. will need to provide a copy of the program code and screenShot . only work on: Requirements analysis 1. What requirements are required to develop your algorithm? Specification 2. What Inputs and Outputs does the system provide? 3. Provide the methodology you used to develop your algorithm. Provide any assumptions you made. 4. Provide All formulas used and what each formula does in your algorithm. Software architecture 5. Provide Flow Chart on the process to make your algorithm. 6. Provide Pseudocode on the process to make your algorithm.
7.Provide a Copy of your source code.

provide me only the coding of the program
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