What motivations might the producers of this document have had in creating it?

Write a 4-5 page paper discussing how the document confirms and/or complicates the arguments made by the related book.   Papers are due Monday, 9/28 at the beginning of class. Here are a few more hints to help you as you begin your work:
Analyze the source:
Who produced this document?
For whom?
What motivations might the producers of this document have had in creating it?

Beyond these contextual questions, consider how a primary source might reflect the circumstances of its time and place.  Gaps and silences in a document can be as revealing as what it actually says.

Why might the creator of a document have chosen to not address certain topics, or to give them only brief mention?
What are the most interesting questions you can ask of this document?

Plan your paper:

Your historical narrative should be written as a coherent essay with an introduction and a conclusion. Offer an argument in the form of a strong thesis, backed up with supporting evidence for your interpretations from the document and the book.  Be creative and shape your essay around the issues and themes that interest you most.
Explain for your readers both the meaning of the document (how historical actors might have understood the document in the era in which it was produced) and
Explain the significance of the document (how it might be considered

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